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Jaa Lifestyle Login

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Jaa lifestyle is a UK-based rewarding website that claims to give you money for watching ads and referring to other users. A Huge number of Indian youths are joining this company nowadays. Is the company really giving money? Can this company be your life changer? 

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Most of us know how youtube creators and bloggers earn money. If you don’t know, let me tell you, most of their income comes from the advertisements we see in their content. So everywhere we go now we see a lot of ads in our daily life. 

On the basis of advertisements, many companies are coming onto the internet that claim to give us better rewards for either interacting with their content or watching the ads they place on their platform.

Jaa lifestyle and eehhaaa are some of these companies that make money and want to give rewards to people for the sake of increasing their user base.

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What Is Jaa Lifestyle?

Jaa Lifestyle incorporated in 2020, is a London-based company. It has multiple offices across the globe and in India, it registered the company in the name of Jaa lifestyle Pvt. Ltd. in the state of Kerala on 3rd December 2020.

This company basically aims to reward people who join their premium membership at €18 ( €1 = ₹84.99 ). In Indian Currency, it is around ₹1600. However they claim, you can join their free plan too but you will have limited advantages over their paid subscription.

Jaa Lifestyle Business Model | Www Jaalifestyle Com

At the starting of their business, they had 3 primary business models. That means the users who sign up for their website can earn money in three ways. but it is now entering many more fields. Here are some of those

  1. Future Share Income

    In this model, Jaa lifestyle has a target to take their private limited company into public. The users who have signed up with their company in the early period can be given some free shares of the company in the near future.

    As of now, they are showing some future shares in the dashboard but have not confirmed whether it will be given to customers or not.
  2. Ad View Income

    This is the popular business model of the Jaa lifestyle. This model is the reason why many Indians are coming to this company without a second thought.

    In this model, Jaa Lifestyle assured their customers that they will be shown some ads on their platform and Just for watching the ads in their website or app, customers will be given a reward in the currency of euro.

    For every ad you watch, you will get €0.0456 ( ₹3.88 ). It is approximately ₹4 per ad you see. You don’t need to do anything more. In their premium subscription, they claim to show you 60 ads per day. That means you will get €0.0456 × 60 = €2.73 ( ₹232.03 ). It is around ₹240 per day from the ad viewing income.

    In this order, You will get monthly €2.73 × 30 = € 82.08 ( ₹6976 ). It is roughly INR 7000 per month just by joining their subscription worth ₹1600 only. 

    Not Just this, your reward multiplies if you invite and join members into your referral. There are no limitations as to how many people you can connect with your referral but they promise to give you money multiplied by members you have joined through your referral into their platform. This business model is subscription-based monthly team income.
  3. Subscription-based monthly team Income

    Every member you refer to is called a referral downline. That means each member you convince to join under your referral is your downline. There are basically three targets to achieve in order to earn a hefty amount of money monthly.

Jaa Lifestyle Income Pyramid: This table illustrates how much you earn on referral

Target 013€8.208 = ₹697€246.24 = ₹20928
Target 025€13.68 = ₹1162€410.4 = ₹34880
Target 0310€27.36 = ₹2325€820.8 = ₹69760
Jaa Lifestyle Income

This seems lucrative for Indian youths. That’s why the Jaa lifestyle now has a more than 50 lakh user base in India, Bangladesh, Nigeria, and the UK too.

Jaa lifestyle now has entered into many other things also such as crypto, banking, eCommerce, etc.

Recently, there have been rumors about the launch of their own cryptocurrency. There is no Jaa Lifestyle Cryptocurrency as of now officially.

Also, There have been rumors about the Jaa lifestyle debit card but officially Jaa lifestyle has not confirmed the jaa lifestyle debit card to withdraw money.

We will update here if anything comes from the Jaa lifestyle in the coming days. Keep visiting bewitchingvibes.com or bookmark it for your convenience.

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Jaa Lifestyle Registration :

Many people are registering to jaa lifestyle through sponsor links from their friends and families. But if you have not registered yet, then here is the complete guide.

  1. Visit Jaa Lifestyle Official Website

    Visit Jaa Lifestyle official website at www.jaalifestyle.com Or you can search jaa lifestyle in google search and the first link you see is the official jaa lifestyle official website.
  2. Click on Sign up

    In the upper right corner, you will see a signup button. Click on the sign-up button for registration on jaa lifestyle.
  3. Fill personal details form

    After clicking the signup button, a form will appear to fill out. In this form you will be asked for your full name, user name, sponsor name, email id, confirmation mail id, country, phone number, Date of birth, and a strong password to secure your account.

    In the sponsor name, you have to fill in the sponsor user name who has referred you to open an account on jaa lifestyle. If you don’t have any sponsor id then you can leave that area blank. 

    Remember your username and password for further needs. You can write down somewhere your username and password for future use.
  4. Verify OTP

    After filling out the form you need to verify your email and phone number. To verify your phone number for further use, an OTP will be sent to your registered number. Enter the received OTP and verify your account.
  5. Done, You have successfully Registered

    Done, You have successfully registered for the jaa lifestyle free membership. After verification of OTP your account will be ready to use.

Jaa Lifestyle Login | Www Jaalifestyle Com Login

Jaa Lifestyle has already launched its official website that is www jaalifestyle com. Keep your registered phone number handy to verify your details.

  1. Visit Jaa lifestyle website

    Go to www jaalifestyle com or you can directly go to this website https://jaalifestyle.com
  2. Click on Login on homepage

    On the homepage of this website, you can find the login button on the upper right corner of the website. Just click on the login option from there.
  3. Enter your Username & Password

    Enter your username and password which you had set while creating the account. In case you forgot your username and password you can reset this too. See Jaa Lifestyle Forgot Password reset Guide to Do so. After Entering correct login details now Verify with OTP if asked.
  4. Jaa Lifestyle login successful

    Congratulations, You have been logged into jaa lifestyle. In the dashboard you can see your earnings, commission and account details.

Jaa Lifestyle Forgot Password Reset :

Step 01: Visit Jaa Lifestyle Login Page 

Step 02: On the Login Page, Click Forgot Password

Step 03: Enter Your Username

Step 04: Password resetting link will be sent to your registered email

Step 05: Click password reset link on your email

Step 06: Create a new password and Confirm

Step 07: Done, You have successfully reset your password

Jaa Lifestyle Username Reset :

In rare cases if you forgot your username too then go and check your email address, you have given at the time of registration. Run a search in your email id and scan the mails from jaa lifestyle com.  

In the mail inbox, you might have received any mail from www jaa lifestyle com. Scan the mail if they have mentioned your username in their mail to you.
Otherwise, You can write a mail to [email protected] for your query to be solved.

Jaa Lifestyle Review | Real Or Fake

To be honest, If you ask me, what I think about Jaa Lifestyle is a scam. Yes I feel this is just a money circulation scheme where they are charging money from one user and giving it to the other user. It has no future scope or long term business model.

Think before investing your hard earned money. It is totally an unethical way of branding. More than 50 Lakh people have joined in this scheme as per report. Let’s suppose if every member has contributed INR 1500 then the sum total amount which company is going to get is approx 750 crores. Even if they give initially money to the customer still in the end they would leave a hefty amount of money in their hand.

In my opinion, You should avoid such get rich quick schemes by third party websites and apps.

FAQs On JAA Lifestyle

  1. What Is Jaa Lifestyle All About?

    Jaa Lifestyle is about online earning just by watching ads in their platform. For this they charge a membership fee to register you into their program.

  2. Is Jaa Lifestyle Registered In India?

    Yes, Jaa Lifestyle is registered in India under Ministry of Corporate Affairs on December 2020.

  3. Is Jaa Lifestyle Legit?

    This is not confirmed yet about it’s trustworthiness. However It seems to be a money circulating and MLM company.

Conclusion :

Don’t fall in the trap of such schemes as it has no trustworthiness  and it also doesn’t matter if a company gets registered then it won’t commit a scam. Be aware of fraud companies which lure you some quick money through application download or visiting their website. It’s just a trap and many people are becoming victims of these scams nowadays.

However, I urge all of you to think of a long term source of income. These MLM or direct selling businesses are looting people’s money. In daylight. Many MLM such as Galway, Vestige also failed in the Indian market and dumped thousands of crores of hard earned money, just by playing with middle class dreams.

Hey, It’s time to wrap up. This is Ranjan jena , signing off hoping for better content to present to you. Till then take care, bye bye and Thank You for reading this long.

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