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Eehhaaa login | www eehhaaa com login | Jaa lifestyle eehhaaa login

Eehhaaa login and registration query went into the next level when it was introduced by
Youth excitement about this earning app is pretty high. You might also be reading this article because of Jaa lifestyle. Am I right?

As we all know, traditional marketing is no more effective that’s why small and large business owners are taking their business online. Instead of spending crores of rupees in offline marketing, businesses are now running different kinds of online ads with a minimal cost and higher efficiency. 

We even see advertisements in day to day life. Let be it’s a Facebook ad, Google ad or any social media ad. We get targeted to be shown ads randomly on our phone or laptop. For showing ads to us businesses pay the advertisement cost to the platform like Facebook, Google, Twitter etc. But We don’t get a single penny for viewing the ad.

For this, Some companies like Eehhaaa comjaalifestyle com formed to reward people for viewing ads in their platform. Eehhaaa is one of those platform who pay people by showing ads. For this alluring income model, many people now becoming a part of them.

So in this article we are going to clear all your questions about what is eehhaaa if you are a beginner. Later that we are also be discussing how to register yourself in eehhaaa portal is app eehhaaa com. How to login in Eehhaaa portal. Everything. Let’s dive in.

If you have only came to here to fact check whether this website legit or not. Then I must navigate you to our eehhaaa review & opinion snippet

What Is Eehhaaa?

Eehhaaa, is an ad showing platform where you can get money just by watching ads on their platform. It was initially released worldwide on 15th May 2021.

Eehhaaa is an advertising company that claims that it connects advertisers to customers, reducing traditional marketing costs. It also claims to give customers monetary payment against watched ads on their app eehhaaa com. 

Eehhaaa came into the limelight when it partnered with It is unknown whether it is owned by jaa lifestyle or not but jaa lifestyle has been seen partnering with . 

If You don’t know what Jaa Lifestyle is and What is their business model and earning potential. Then Go and Check our previous post.

Eehhaaa claims to give users €0.0456 for each ad watched on their platform. In Indian money, It is around ₹4 per ad you watch in their app eehhaaa com.

Some sources suggest, If you take their membership with a fee of €18 then you will be shown 60 ads per day. By multiplying 60 ads by the amount we will get per ad, it concludes that you can easily earn around ₹7000 per month. 

From some other sources, It has also believed that eehhaaa will give 20 ads to watch in their free plan to their website and mobile app. That means you will get around ₹ 2500 freely without PV.

Eehhaaa pv process
Eahhaaa PV process

Jaa Lifestyle Eehhaaa Login

As I have already told you jaa lifestyle and eehhaaa has partnered to provide income to their customer. Hence You can proceed to www Eehhaaa com login with jaa lifestyle Credentials.

If you don’t even have the Jaa lifestyle login id and want to register for the same. Go check out our previous post on Jaa Lifestyle Registration & Login procedure

In the Jaa Lifestyle portal,\ you will find an option labeled as ‘Register on EEHHAAA’ to register on the eehhaaa portal directly.

EEHHAAA Registration | Www Eehhaaa Com | App Eehhaaa Com

Eehhaaa registration is very simple and you don’t need to create a new account on www eehhaaa com if you have jaalifestyle com username and password already.

The Eehhaaa portal is a conglomerate of Jaa lifestyle company itself so you have the option to access eehhaaa with Jaa lifestyle login details. In case, You don’t have Jaa lifestyle account earlier, don’t worry, you can create your own account on eehhaaa.

Eahhaaa registration
Eahhaaa Registration

Here are the complete steps to register yourself on

  1. Visit Eehhaaa official website

    Visit Eehhaaa official website which is  Check the spelling of the website and avoid any other websites coming in your way.
  2. Click on Get Started

    On the top of the page, there should be an option – Need an Account? ‘Get Started’. Now You click on Get Started to Sign up.

    Like We have already discussed, If you are a existing user of Jaa Lifestyle then You can sign in directly through your Jaa Lifestyle Account. You don’t need to open a new eehhaaa account.
  3. Fill the Sign up Form

    After clicking get started you will be landed upon a sign up form, where you need to fill your personal details like Name, Email, Password.  After Filling the Details, Click continue to Proceed further.
  4. Fill Additional Details

    Again you need to feel some additional details to get access to your eehhaaa account. In this step, You need to Give Your Age, Gender, Phone number etc. Next on the bottom, Agree on T&C and Check on You are not a robot.
  5. Choose A Package

    You will be asked to verify yourself and choose a plan whether it’s free or paid. If you choose paid plan then you have to give them €10.50 for Verification. 

    If you go for a free plan, then you wont get the special benefits as a paid member and they count it as a verification skip. Choose the plan accordingly and click on continue.
  6. Choose Your Interest

    Choose 25 Interests that you like from their list. It enables them to show you Personalized ads as per your preference.
  7. Done, Eehhaaa Registration Complete

    Congratulations, You have successfully created your eehhaaa account and it will keep showing 10 demo ads as of now. You won’t be rewarded for viewing the ad too.

Eehhaaa dashboard
eehhaaa dashboard

Eehhaaa Login | Www Eehhaaa Com Login

Logging in to app eehhaaa com is very simple if you already have any existing eehhaaa account or Jaa lifestyle account. 

If you don’t have the Jaa lifestyle eehhaaa com login details then follow the above registration process first. So, Now I’m proceeding considering everyone created their account already.

Here are the simple steps to Log in to app eehhaaa com portal :

  1. Visit Eehhaaa Login Page
    In order to access eehhaaa login page, Go to their eehhaaa webapp at
  2. Enter Username & Password
    Enter your eehhaaa username and password for login into eehhaaa portal. If you are a Jaa lifestyle existing member, then click Sign in with Jaalifestyle and enter your login details to enter.
  3. Done, You have logged into Eehhaaa com login portal
    Done. Congratulations you have successfully logged into their web app where you can watch and interact with the ads.

Eehhaaa Forgot Password Recovery :

In any chance, You forgot your login details then you can recover the password too. To recover your password follow these steps

  1. Click on Forgot Password
  2. Enter Your Registered Email Id
  3. Go to eehhaaa login page at
  4. Check Your Email For Reset Link
  5. Provide a new password
  6. Save your login details
  7. Done, You have successfully Reset your password

Eehhaaa Refer And Earn Program | Eehhaa Payment Proof

Eehhaaa referral program is one of the most traffic-driven campaigns by Eehhaaa. You can able to refer both customers and advertisers in eehhaaa. For every successful referral you will get an incentive.

Most of the income can be generated through this process only and eehhaa jaalifestyle claims to give an insane number of money for referencing friends and advertisers to their platform.

eehhaaa refer and earn

Steps to refer friends with eehhaaa referral link

  1. Login to app eehhaaa com portal
  2. Click Hamburger Menu On Left Top Corner
  3. Click Refer Friends
  4. Copy Your Referral Link 
  5. Share with your friends 
  6. Join them through your link to get extra bonus

You can repeat the same process to refer a new advertiser through your referral link.

Eehhaaa Review & Opinion :

Eehhaaa having the unique business model somehow lacks basis understanding as where they can get advertiser. Till now they have not given a penny of money to the people instead they had collected the personal verification fee from the customer in advance.

This project is now in early stage and not trustworthy till then it start giving money to their customer. On that day you might think of joining this scheme.

I encourage you to get rid of these companies who promises you to make rich in few days. Always remember early success is a scam.

FAQs On Eehhaaa

Is Eehhaaa real or fake?

Eehhaaa, an advertisement platform claims to pay people for watching ads on their platform. However, It is not certainly known as of now whether it’s scam or legit website.

How to check eehhaaa balance?

To view your eehhaaa wallet balance, Login to your eehhaaa account and below your advertisement section you can find the balance available on your eehhaaa wallet.

What is PV in Eehhaaa?

On Eehhaaa, PV stands for Personal Verification. For Personal verification, you have to choose a paid plan of eehhaaa.

What is the joining fee in eehhaaa?

The Joining fee in eehhaaa is 10 euro i.e. around INR 1600 to verify your personal details.

Conclusion :

Jaa lifestyle or Eehhaaa, if you are investing your money somewhere then know the risk of losing your money too. Before going for an attractive online income website and application make sure to consult any elder or do a background check of the company. keep in mind to validate the date of incorporation of the business you want to invest in or such apps which ask you for money for sake of their service.

However, I recommend you learn some skill instead of wasting your time with such apps and website which has no trustworthiness of the existence of the company in the future.

Thank You, Pals! Thank You for coming to such a crucial point and reading my narratives patiently. With a big smile, this is Ranjan Jena signing off on the next blog.

Thank You.



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