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Oxiinc – Have you or any of your friends invested in Oxiinc and not received the payment from Oxiinc group yet? Are you looking for a refund of the money that you have invested in? These are the common questions right now for many common people who invested their hard-earned money into this company.

Many of these people have lost hope of getting their money back and still, some of them are in the hope to get their money to be refunded. So, How did Oxiinc manage to give money to the people by performing some simple task and now why everyone is asking for their money back?

This blog will clear all your questions about Oxiinc. What is their business and Income model? How you can access Oxiinc login Panel? Stay Tuned for the blog till the last detailed review on this company by our blog and what steps you can take to get your invested money back from the company.

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Oxiinc | What Is Oxiinc Company?

Company NameOxiinc Digital E-panelist Media Private Limited
Registered NameSocial Media Apps, E-commerce, Etc.
EstablishedDec 2017
FounderShakti Kumar Bindheswar Thakur
Operational SectorSocial Media Apps, Ecommerce, Etc.
Official Websitehttps://www.oxiincgroup.com
Oxiinc Digital E-panelist Media Private Limited Company Portfolio

Oxiinc, a group of companies registered and known as Erocketmall Online Asia Pvt Ltd, was established in Dec 2017 and aims to create an Indian version of Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. It is a Delhi-based company registered under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs that claims to give 3-4 ways of Earning to the people who join their company with prefixed packages.

The company was in a very disorganized way in 2014, all the projects got merged and later known to be Oxiinc Group. This company operates for digital revolution, eCommerce, IT in India and abroad.

The companies under Oxiinc Digital E-panelist Media Private Limited got merged to be a single entity, which later became known as Oxiinc Group and It officially started on 11 Dec 2017. They always claim to be taking India to the next level of the digital revolution through indigenous web services.

Oxiinc Business Model

Oxiinc Digital E-panelist Media Private Limited has a total of 17 Projects in a row, they all have different business concepts and services for India.

From the very beginning, The company has got the trust of the Indian people by showing examples of neighbouring countries, China. The company has played a patriotism card to win the Indian Audience Faster.

As you know, China has banned, Worldwide used, USA-based Social Media Apps like Whatsapp, Youtube, Facebook and they have adopted WeChat, YouKu, Renren made in china as alternatives to these apps.

Like that, this company has also claimed, they have been building alternatives of foreign apps to support the Indian Economy and to protect Indian user data.

Oxiinc Digital E-Panelist Media Private Limited Projects

Oxiinc Groupwww.oxiincgroup.com
Oxiinc www.oxiinc.com
Our Opinionwww.Ouropinion.in
Oxiinc Projects 2023

Oxiinc is an e-commerce business listing platform like Flipkart & Amazon. In the coming days, they claimed they will come with a service listing as well. That means you can list your hotel service, private hospital service, etc.

Our Opinion is a feedback collection platform. Where they collect feedback and survey answers and in return, they provide some penny to the user.

Entube is similar to Youtube and they have created it as it is an Indian version of youtube and they reward creators on this platform.

Enbook is the Indian version of Facebook by this company. It has features similar to Facebook where you can post photos, videos, and updates.

Encabs is the Indian cab booking app developed by Erocketmall online Asia Private Limited. It is created to replace apps like Uber.

Enchat is the Whatsapp alternative by Erocketsmall Asia online private limited.

There are a total of 17 projects they have started under the Digital Era, Whose main motive is to stop the usage of international apps rather use indigenous apps like ebook, enchat, etc.

Oxiinc Income Model

The company has mainly 3 Income Models by which you can make an earning those are

  • Digital Income
  • Referral income
  • Level Income

But before you start earning, the company has roughly four packages as per price range which starts from ₹3100 up to ₹121000 and You have to join one of it.

1. Digital Income

In Digital income, you will income money by creating content on their platform, Giving feedback to various surveys and Questions, Watching Videos or Ads on their platform as well. These facilities can only be available only if you join their fixed packages at some cost.

They have 4 Packages under the Digital Income model. Each package varies in price and features. The most expensive package you choose, the higher income you generate monthly.

These packages usually gives some weekly task to complete according to your purchased package. According to your package, you get products to share, to give feedback etc. Every task has some monetary value set by the company.

Like if you share their product, then you will get 17.5 per task. Here are the details of their reward against tasks.

oxiinc digital work
Sharing ProductEcommerce₹ 17.5
Giving FeedbackOurOpinion₹ 150
Watching VideoEntube₹ 100

2. Referral Income

In Referral Income, You need to Join people under you and you get a commission when they join. It is similar to other company reviews we have posted before on this site. For a detailed Referral Income Plan, you can check out our previous blog related to Asclepius Wellness.

For your direct referral, You get 15% of your referred participant to spend. Suppose you joined Narendra under your referral and he choose to buy ₹121000 packages, then you get 15% of that amount which is ₹18150.

Again, Under your referred participant if a new participant joins then you will get 10% of the package for the new joiner.

3. Level Income

Level or matching income is the income you get when your referral joins new people under their downline and when it gets a pair is called Matching in MLM Terminology. The Level Income is only credited when some preset criteria are hit.

Oxiinc Login

  1. Visit Oxiinc Official Site or Apk
  2. Enter Your Login Details
  3. Enter OTP, If Applicable
  4. Successfully logged in

You can try opening the official website which is given above. In case you don’t have the official apk, you can go search in app store else you can too download from internet.

Oxiinc New Update | Webgv | Chaturbuy

Many Youtubers and sponsored media are nowadays claiming the company finally has come back and the company has newly added two websites named Webgv .in  and chaturbuy .com where you can log in to your old account get back your account.

These claims are yet to be confirmed and webgv has yet to be started. Wait for some more days and keep an eye on our website to get timely updates.

According to some of the YouTubers, Webgv is an online gift voucher website by oxiinc group and chaturbuy com is the subsidiary of this company related to online shopping, E-commerce.

How To Get Your Money Back From Oxiinc | Oxiinc Review

People have invested lakhs of hard-earned money in this company believing it is a legit company. The company have come to this long-distance just gaining the customer trust. Now the company is betraying the customers by not giving the reward money to the user for more than years.

People believed this company because they thought this company is doing this in counties welfare but what they failed to understand is it was a scam and money circulation company. After taking crores of money from the public now the company has disappeared from the market and seldom updates about the company on the internet.

90% of people have to believe that the company have duped their money but still, some are updating positive about this company on youtube. Don’t know whether they are updating just to increase their own subscriber or what but they are committing the same mistake and people are still falling for their trap.

In the past month, they gave some updates about Webgv and Chaturbuy shopping website but they are nothing to do with the money people have invested in this company.

The biggest concern among people right now is all the websites except ouropinion.in not accessible. The company now have stopped all the websites on the internet. No website of this company is right now operational. Only the feedback giving website Ouropinion is opening but not functional. 

The Oxiinc Apk is still available to download in the play store but does not work for some people while login.

Last, Two options left to get your money back from this company. First, Wait for the new update from the company. Most probably people are hoping for a big update in the month of March but genuinely I feel there shall be no update from the company. The company that has not given any official statement in the last two years does not seem to be giving any update in 2months as well.

Secondly, People are going for police complaints and this is the right way to get your money back. But not effective with few people. People whose money is at stake in this company should gather in mass and go for police complaints against this fraud company. Seeking media attention is the only way people can get their money back. I’m not affirmative about this company anymore.

Many people are also demanding the CEO be live on social media. But it is totally a waste of time and again a trap to extend the time for conclusion.

Advice to all the investors, and distributors a light note to keep in your mind while keeping hard-earned money at stake

  1. Don’t Invest in such companies those who claim to double your money in a few days
  2. Don’t fall into the trap of joining more and Earning more
  3. Never believe Unofficial Youtuber or Fb Group schemes
  4. Double Check the company background on the Internet
  5. Company registration doesn’t mean the company is 100% Genuine


Is Oxiinc a trustworthy business?

Not at all. Oxiinc company is not a trustworthy business as it has now vanished from market after taking crores of money from Indians.

Who is the founder of Oxiinc?

The founder and director of Oxiinc is Shakti Kumar Thakur.

Is Oxiinc a scam company?

Yes, this company is a scam company that ran away taking money from many people.


The company again started shouting their new project Webgv and chaturbuy but I suggest you to refrain by these companies. Don’t give a single penny to any marketing company.

Be responsible, Use your money wisely. Join companies if their business model excites you but don’t give money to any new company who gives you hope to bring star and moon.

With Good notes and for your brighter days, This is Ranjan, Signing off for the next blog.

Till then, Ta-ta bye. See you in the next blog.

Thank You.



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