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Asclepius Wellness

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Asclepius Wellness – An Ayurvedic Product making company is quite made a buzz in the market for their get quick money and get rich scheme. Their business model of Joining more new members to the company and getting a chance to go to Switzerland, Singapore, and also get Mercedes, and BMW car is quite lucrative and fishy.

Let’s Understand In detail what is their real business plan and how they are going to make it possible for us to get so much wealth in a short period of time. Before that Answer me.

Has your friend approached you to join Asclepius Wellness? In his Pitch, he might have told you, A Well known ayurvedic product-making company with great scope in the future. A Retired army person is the key coordinator of this all operation, so no chances of any discrepancies, etc. The company achieved this, that, medals, appreciation, etc. Right?

Asclepius Wellness, the first name is kind of unutterable for some of us. But The Meaning of Asclepius is the God of Medicine in Roman Language. Very Frequently nowadays we see new companies coming into the market with great products or services to make human life better and more convenient. Some of those businesses are also attracting people through various lucrative schemes where they offer good incentives and also give good referral income to their customers for boarding new customers. Some businesses are reaching a high milestone through MLM and some businesses are scamming people in the name of direct marketing.

So in this blog, We’re diving deeper into all the details regarding Asclepius Wellness Pvt Ltd. So stay tuned in this blog and in case you have any doubts, shoot your question in the comment section below. Checkout for similar type of company Jaa Lifestyle to know how they operate and all.

What Is Asclepius Wellness Pvt Ltd?

Asclepius Wellness Company Profile

Company NameAsclepius Wellness Private Limited
Established7th October 2014
CIN Registration NumberU51909DL2014PTC272296
Registered AddressPlot No. 18, Pocket-8, Block-C,
Near HDFC Bank, Sector-17,
Dwarka, New Delhi – 110075
FounderSanjeev Kumar
AWPL Company Details

ASCLEPIUS WELLNESS PRIVATE LIMITED, shortly known as AWPL,  is a New Delhi-based ayurvedic product Company founded in the year 2014. They claim to be India’s first-ever product-centric retail concept with maximum benefit for customers. The Company is engaged in the business of Ayurvedic Product selling through its Distributor and Retail Outlets but most of the sales they are generating are from direct selling and MLM.

Under the trademark of their company, they promote their own manufactured products for sale and the trademark enables the company with the goods to be sold or supplied. Asclepius company mainly is engaged in the manufacturing of the products & the Business of Product direct selling. Product direct selling refers to selling products directly to the consumer without a retail store. Instead of any physical store, sales occur at home, work, or other non-store locations through approaching and networking.

Their direct selling business plan eliminates numerous of the mediators involved in product distribution, such as the regional distribution center and wholesaler. Instead, stocks go from the manufacturer to the direct selling hub of their company, to the city distributor or the sales representative, and to the consumer. Most Probably they don’t avail the product in any physical store, to make their product exclusive and unique.  So In this way, they create a gap between products and customers. For that, a regional distributor or sales representative is necessary for customers to buy the products or services. Through this they reduce the cost of a middleman, the middleman commission then goes to the sales agent who sold the product.

Asclepius Wellness Business Model :

Asclepius wellness is advertising products through word of mouth by gaining the trust of customers and introducing their product as a revolutionary ayurvedic product. They also claim to be the fastest ayurvedic product growing company in India and abroad.

However, the AWPL company generates revenue and gives money to the business development partners in 6 different ways. Such as

  1. Retail Income
  2. Incentive/matching income
  3. Bonus/level Income
  4. Tour & Travel Income
  5. Reward Income
  6. Repurchase Income

Asclepius Wellness Private Limited Business Model Pdf :

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Awpl Business Model Pdf

Retail income means the income you get through Asclepius Wellness product selling. In AWPL, Retail income can be generated by selling AWPL products to the customer. The More the product you sell in the market, the more income you can generate through this model.

Incentive or matching income is the income, you get when you join people in your downline and when a pair of people join under you, you will be rewarded an Incentive or matching income. For successful matching in Asclepius Wellness Pvt Ltd, You have to make a pair of 2:1 in your downline. If you don’t understand what is the pairing then the below picture is just for your illustration.

Asclepius Wellness Matching Income
Asclepius Wellness Matching Income Plan

Bonus or Level Income means the income you generate when you clear some certain level set by the company. In AWPL, It is mostly a monetary bonus much higher than your sales income.

Tour & Travel Income in Asclepius is the package given to top-level achievers. This may include a trip to Thailand, Bangkok, and Switzerland like high-budget cities around the world.

Reward Income is the physical reward you will be given when you reach a certain level. This Reward Income may include villas, Flats, Luxurious Cars, etc.

Repurchase Income is a kind of gift card or discount you get to buy AWPL products to resell again. You can buy the products for resell from their official website by login into your Shopping point login portal.

How To Join Asclepius Wellness | AWPL Joining Procedure

Documents required to Join Asclepius Wellness :

  1. Aadhaar Card
  2. Pan Card
  3. Bank Passbook
  4. Valid Phone Number

To Join Asclepius, you need some basic documents whereas they also claim that you can join Asclepius wellness free of cost. But for a distributor account, you need to activate your ID through a fixed SP. 

SP Stands for Sales Point in Asclepius Wellness. Every Asclepius Wellness Product has a Sales Point. In order to join their company as a distributor, you first need to buy their products for more than 27 SP. You can buy multiple products or a single product to meet your Sales Point Goal. If it seems Complicated. Let’s Simplify.

You can be a direct seller in Asclepius Wellness Private Limited and earn money from it. They have various income methods where every direct seller or sales distributor can earn money. Earlier We have also discussed various AWPL income methods. If you have skipped that part then scroll above to read.

The basic concept of making money from Asclepius is through selling their company-manufactured products and joining more direct sellers in your downline.

In AWPL, they sell ayurvedic products in various categories such as health care products, Beauty Products, Food Products, etc. They provide you the proof of their product license and all when they pitch you to Join them.

Every AWPL product has an MRP (Maximum Retail Price), DP Price (Direct Seller Price), and an SP ( Sales Point).

Each product has its own SP Point ranging between 1 to 25. The highest MRP Product of Asclepius worth 4500-5000 is about 25 SP.

One can become a direct seller in the AWPL company by spending 27 SP, 52 SP, and 100 SP worth of money. The below table illustrated that well.

Executive Direct Seller27 SP₹50000/week
Super Direct Seller52 SP₹100000/week
Premium Direct Seller100 SP₹150000/week
AWPL Joining SP Table

1 SP point is worth roughly 200. To join the company as an executive direct seller, you need to invest around 5000 initially. After you sell and Join people through your referral, you keep earning money through different incomes.

Asclepius Wellness Registration | AWPL Membership Registration

To Register in Asclepius, you can be joined through an agent and he will do the registration process on behalf of you. If you are joining the company on your own then you too can register yourself through their online Registration Portal.

Steps to Register on Asclepius Wellness Private Limited :

  1. Go to the Asclepius Official Registration Link
    You can visit their Website and Click on the Register Now Option. Else You can Click the Registration Link here
  2. Fill out the Registration Form
    Fill out the registration Form where you will be asked for your basic information like Your name, address, and your Phone number. Click Save to Continue
  3. Verify Your OTP
    Verify your OTP Sent to your Phone number and Email Id, which you provided earlier.
  4. Agree on T&C
    Agree with the T&C & Proceed further. In the Term, You are agreeing to provide your KYC document while Logging in the First time.
  5. Note down login details
    After Registration You Login Details Like User name and Password will be generated on your Device Screen. Note down the Login Credentials to Proceed further.

In the Registration, You don’t need to do anything more, at last, your login credential will be generated to Proceed further to the User Login Procedure where you will provide KYC details like Aadhaar Card, Pan Card Etc.

Asclepius Wellness Login | AWPL Login

  1. Visit the Official AWPL Login Page

    You can go through this AWPL Login Link or can visit AWPL’s official website and Click the Login button to log in as well.
  2. On User Login Panel, Enter Login Details

    Enter the login details you got while registering your account. In case you forgot, Click Forgot Username to retrieve
  3. Upload Your KYC Documents

    Upload KYC documents like Pancard, and Aadhaar card for Verification.
  4. Choose Your Sponsor ID

    Enter any Sponsor ID, you have. Sponsor Id is the ID of the Person Who referred you to Join AWPL Pvt Ltd.
  5. Choose Position (SAO/SGO)

    Choose which side you want to join under your sponsor. If you join the left side/ Bonus Side then you can choose SAO Position. Otherwise, you can choose the Incentive side/ Right Side as SGO Position.

    This will not impact your joining and Earning criteria, but it will impact your Sponsor downline matching.
  6. Successfully Registered as a direct seller

    Congratulation, You have successfully registered as a direct seller of Asclepius Wellness Private Limited.

Asclepius Wellness Products | AWPL Product Details In Hindi PDF

Asclepius Wellness Private limited has the primary business of selling its own manufactured products. They have also set up a manufacturing plant in India They also claim their products to be 100% ayurvedic. No chemicals. No Preservatives. Nothing. Only ayurvedic substances can be found in their products.

They deal with Beauty products such as hair care products, face washes, Wellness Products as well as health care products too.

They mainly sell their own manufactured products through sales agents in Eight Categories such as

  • Agriculture Products
  • Wellness Products
  • Food Products
  • Beauty & Personal Care Products
  • Makeup Products
  • Hair Care Products
  • Home Care Products
  • Oral Care Products

Asclepius wellness product details in Hindi pdf: Download PDF

Asclepius Wellness Review | Is Asclepius Wellness Pvt Ltd Real Or Fake?

Asclepius Wellness being the promoter of ayurvedic medication still comes in doubtful eyes. Its Multi-Level Marketing & Joining Program always seems to be something shady.

A Genuine Person will Always ask before joining if your ayurvedic product can make big in the market then why not adopt a retail outlet chain instead of direct marketing through various distributors?

Secondly, It has some highly lucrative incomes like tour & travel income, incentive income, etc. No big company will lure people to join their company to get a Mercedes Car if they believe in their product.

Also, they have overpriced their products which is not 100% effective in the first place. A product worth 5000 can never be as easy as it seems for rural people or lower-middle-class people.

The company in every context makes you believe that its product is 100% effective for any disease. As a part of their narrative, the company also claims, their product healed a born deaf and mute girl by regularly using one of their products.

In my view, The product of the company might be good but the way they are promoting their product by joining new members through the pyramid chain is suspicious.

So Keep in mind, If you are going to join the company then make sure you can sell the products in your vicinity. Cause the product price is higher than the market average so in rural areas fewer people show interest in your product.

Top of that, This company is an MLM company so people will not support you knowing they are going to join an MLM company.

Now, it’s up to you if you’ll join or not. There is a minimal risk of losing the money which you have spent buying the joining products from the company. Otherwise, You can give it a shot as well.

FAQs On Asclepius Wellness :

  1. Who is the Founder of Asclepius Wellness Pvt Ltd?

    Sanjeev Kumar, A Retired Army Officer is the core founder of Asclepius Wellness Pvt Ltd.

  2. Is Asclepius Wellness Private Limited a listed company in the share market?

    No, AWPL is not a listed company in the share market. You can consider it as a Startup Now.

  3. Is AWPL a network marketing company?

    Yes, AWPL is a Multi-Level network marketing company with an ayurvedic product line.

Conclusion :

We hope We have cleared your queries you had about Asclepius Wellness. In case, You have any other questions about this topic. Then feel free to comment on your questions below.

Asclepius Wellness for some people is a fraud company but some other people are also praising the company may it be for the products or the earning model of the company.

Let’s hope the company lasts longer and doesn’t dupe people’s hard-earning money in the name of Ayurveda. If any scam happens in this company then surely it will affect the point of view of foreign nationals to Indian historic Ayurvedic products.

So this is Ranjan, Signing off, and Will update any of your queries as an update in this blog post in the future. Till then Ta-Ta. Bye Bye. See you on the next blog.

Thank You.



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