How To Use TikTok In India After Ban 2023 (100% Working Trick)

How To Use TikTok In India After Ban

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How to use TikTok in India after ban? Is this the question in your mind right now? You Won’t believe it, but I am using the TikTok app for a long time despite it having been removed from the play store in India. Curious to know how? It’s a simple trick, Stay tuned in this blog to know how to use TikTok in India after the ban.

Did You Search for How to use TikTok in India after the ban? As you already know, the Indian government banned TikTok and 58 other Chinese apps for security reasons back in 2020. It has been removed from the Play Store as well. If you ever tried to download the TikTok app from the internet and opened it. It would have shown you an error of No internet connection.

So Many of you have tired of trying so many tricks and tips and are still not able to use TikTok in India. Don’t worry, In this article, I will tell you how to install and use TikTok in India. And Download your TikTok Videos without a Watermark too. That’s why we are back with a working trick on how to use TikTok in India after the ban.

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Is it possible to use TikTok after ban?

We should refrain ourselves using TikTok since Indian Govt has banned the TikTok app. We at also do not recommend you use TikTok. But If you have important TikTok memories you want to relive then we can help you solve your query on how to use TikTok in India after the ban in 2023.

There are several ways we can access our Tiktok videos as well as watch other Tiktok videos in the TikTok app. Several of them include TikTok Mod Apk Download 2023, using VPN etc.

Trick to use TikTok in India after Ban

As the Global version of TikTok is not working in India. We will use the US version TikTok Mod application and a premium version VPN to make TikTok work in India.

Don’t worry you will get both the US TikTok App and the Premium Version VPN too. Just follow the below steps to successfully run TikTok on Your Phone.

Steps to Follow to Download TikTok App

1. Download the Special TikTok Mod App

As the TikTok app is not available in play store anymore so you have to download the TikTok App from the internet. We have provided you with a link in this post below. Click here and You’ll be redirected to a Google Drive link

2. Install the TikTok App

Download the Apps from that Link and Install TikTok App on your smartphone.

Note: In case, the Install option is not showing on your phone, click on Setting and Enable ‘Unknown Source install’.

Google’s Algorithm detects external app downloads so it keeps warning users to not download any unauthorized app from the internet. Because it may contain any spam which can affect your device. Rest assured, this app is not malware or Virus. 

After Installation, Don’t open the app Now & Follow the Next Step. 

3. Download a TikTok VPN or any Premium VPN

To download the premium VPN, Follow the same #Step01 and Download the UFO Premium VPN from the Link. 

There are a number of premium VPNs available in the market as well. You can choose any tiktok vpn. So far I have tested the UFO Premium VPN is a Good & compatible VPN for Tiktok.

VPNs like Pure VPN, Nord VPN etc. are also good vpn for tiktok in india. These VPNs will let you access TikTok in India easily.

4. Connect the Server to the USA

After installing the VPN, log in to Tiktok and Connect your server to the New York location. 

Wondering Why would you connect to the New York Server? Yeah, the TikTok app here we’re talking about is basically the US-Version Tiktok App so we need an American server to access the app.

However, You don’t need to do it by and by as it is just to set up the app for the first time. Thereafter you can freely use the app without VPN also.

5. Open & Proceed to Tik Tok Login 

You’re almost done. Now open the app and see if it is working or not. In case you face any difficulties while opening the app then feel free to contact and drop your message in

Now Sign in to TikTok using your old username and password ( In case you forgot your username, try to log in through Your phone number .

It will take some time to open and load the app and there may also seem no network problem on your screen. Not to worry. Just keep refreshing the feed for 5-10 secs. Booyah !! Your app will start loading the content for you, where you can watch and access your old videos too.

7. Bingo !! Now Access & Play Tiktok in India

I hope Everything will be working fine now. Go and Share with your friends and families and let them know this trick. This is a 100% working trick till now and Using this trick you will be able to download TikTok videos after the ban.

TikTok Mod Apk Download 2023

A few Websites in India also give options to download the TikTok mod app. Though this can harm your device, People are opting for chances to use TikTok after ban. If you want to download TikTok mod apk 2023, You can go and search in google, tiktok mod apk download and you will get numerous mod websites where you can download Tiktok app.

FAQs on How to use TikTok in India 2023

  1. Can Tiktok App be opened without VPN In India?

    Depends on which Network you use. In some Networks, This application can not be opened without a VPN as it was banned from the server side. That’s Why we have provided you with a premium VPN in the Download link. On Airtel Network you can play your TikTok videos without any VPN.

  2. Can we use TikTok in India after Ban?

    Yes, It’s Possible. You can use Tiktok in India but You have to download the US Version TikTok app cause the Indian Version and Global version both have been banned in India.

  3. How to use Tiktok in India after ban without VPN?

    You can’t be able to use TikTok Without a VPN because the Indian Govt has banned the TikTok app from the server side. So You have to use a VPN to change your IP address. In Some cases, You can play TikTok videos in India with an Airtel network and Wifi without any VPN. Have a try.

  4. Difference between Tiktok and Tiktik network app?

    TikTok app is a short video content app which is owned by Bytedance Company and Tiktik app is the best network searching app where you can find the best network available in your area.

  5. How to recover TikTok videos in India?

    After Installing the app from our link you can download your old videos just by logging in to your old TikTok id. Moreover, you can download your videos without any watermark from TikTok.

Conclusion :

This trick is just for informational purposes only. But I suggest you refrain from this and abide by our Govt of India rules. Try to Download the app from the application when It’s available in Playstore. Deep down, It is also illegal to use VPN service to access blocked content in our country. I or this blog will not be responsible if anything inappropriate occurs further.



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